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Introducing Yevo Foods.

YevoGrow. Heal. Live.
We have one simple mission: to improve the lives of all people through good nutrition.

43 Essential Nutrients

Everyone, everywhere needs 43 essential nutrients every day. Without them, the body cannot function properly.

Our bodies cannot make essential nutrients. The only way to get them is through food. Sadly, processed food is mostly devoid of these nutrients.

Yevo’s guiding principle is simple: to provide our bodies with the 43 essential nutrients they need to grow, heal and live.

About Yevo
Yevo is the culmination of many years of research and development, consulting with world-renowned food scientists and leading nutritionists, and countless reputable resources to get it right. We have developed a revolutionary process that protects and retains essential nutrients in foods until they are eaten. Our tasty food is not only highly nutritious, but it can be prepared simply in minutes. Most importantly, good nutrition can change the world.

Yevo foods leave out all the bad...
  • No MSG
    No Trans Fat
    No High Sodium
    No Preservatives
  • No High Heat
    No Cooking
    No Artificial Dyes / Colors

    while preserving all the good.All 43 essential nutrients are contained in every meal.

Half of the daily requirement for most of the 43 nutrients is provided in each meal.
Delicious flavors.
  • Simple and easy to prepare.Yevo's foods are an excellent source of protein, all the essential vitamins and minerals, potassium and fiber.

Contact Charlie at www.alkmaarcharlie72.myyevo.com

    • 03.09.2015
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