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Show: #CreativeLife

Episode: Interview with Star Lee [Season 9, Episode 5]

Author: Alexia Anastasio

Category: Music

Date: 11/15/2016 3:30pm PST

Privacy: public

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Description:: Guest: Star Lee is an animal rights activist who spends her days working at PETA full time. In her free time, she's a singer and musician who writes inspirational soul/pop music to spread the love and positive vibes. And as a vegan of 9 years and counting, she is a serious foodie who loves to cook, experiment with raw recipes, learn food photography, and try every new plant-based foodstuff possible.

Host: Alexia Anastasio is an award-winning filmmaker and coach. She has produced 8 independent feature films and directed 4 films. Her work includes the documentaries “Adventures in Plymptoons!,” about Oscar nominated animator Bill Plympton, and “Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives of Redheads.” Her priorities in life are to have fun and to inspire creative minds to live their art lives to their fullest. She is a co-founder of Tree of Love Studios.

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