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Episode: Interview with Miz Meliz [Season 7, Episode 4]

Author: Alexia Anastasio

Category: People

Date: 07/01/2016 5:00pm PST

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Guest: Melissa Reyes (AKA Miz Meliz) at
Melissa Reyes works full-time as an administrative assistant at a private middle school in sunny Southern California. She is married to her best friend of thirty years. Melissa and her husband have two sons who are in college and one in high school.
Melissa's favorite thing to do is meet people online through live streaming. She is the host of a weekly talk show called Tinsel Town, where she interviews amazing people and leads discussions about reaching goals and inspiring others. She has been recording her live weekly shows for two years now and has interviewed over 100 authors, entrepreneurs, and experts in many fields.
In her spare time, Melissa develops her passions of art and writing. She uses her blog as a means of self-expression and interaction, utilizing social media platforms to meet like-minded people and build community. Melissa self-published her first book, This is the Sound of My Soul, in October 2013, she is currently working on numerous projects including writing another book on self-care, creating a mandala coloring book, affirmation card decks, stamps, stencils, and she co-hosts decorative art classes with her new partner, Cindy Harrison.
As a certified professional life coach Melissa enjoys helping people and serving small groups with getting through life's challenges. By offering guidance and confidence-boosting exercises, Melissa's goal is to motivate and inspire people to live a happy and fulfilled life.
Melissa loves living in Los Angeles, listening to 80's music and binge-watching dramas on Netflix. You might see her driving her red Jeep along Pacific Coast Highway with the top down enjoying the sea breeze and sunshine

Host: Alexia Anastasio
She has produced 8 independent feature films. She believes in magic, passion, dedication and creativity and also encourages it in the coaching sessions that she provides. Her feature film work includes directing feature documentary, “Adventures in Plymptoons!,” about Oscar nominated animator Bill Plympton, feature documentary “Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives of Redheads,” and narrative feature “Little Fishes.” Her priority in life is to have fun and inspire creative minds to live their art life at its fullest.

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