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Episode: Interview with Stevie AKA Stephanie Nicholls [Season 3, Episode 2]

Author: Alexia Anastasio

Category: LGBT

Date: 10/07/2015 11:30am PST

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Description:: Guest: Stevie (formally for now, but very soon will officially be Stephanie) Nicholls.
Born Chatham, UK, 3/16/58. (57)
Writer of ebooks, link at
When I was born, it seems there were several thousand babies born intersex in the UK, and I suspect I was one of them. Hospital is long gone now, even if records were kept. Doctors, with, or without advice from parents just chose what gender the baby should be. With me, seemingly, they got it wrong. As a child, I was reading the sort of stories that girls would read (ponies, famous five, and similar), rather than boy stuff, and my toys, and tastes reflected the same. When puberty struck, I sort of knew something was wrong, but had no idea what it was, so I tried to grow up as a boy/man, but always found life, including my 1 ltr a bit complicated, because clearly I was in the wrong body. Pretty much always been, or near enough been asexual, probably for that reason. Anyway, when I got connected to the internet around the turn of the century, I started searching, and discovered that the reason for my gender confusion was gender dysphoria, I should have been a woman. From there it just developed in jumps. Firstly started off dressing as a woman in private, but from about 2006 onwards, I started dressing in a way that fitted in with both genders in public. 2010, I formally transitioned, changed name, and gender on paperwork. (Passport is still male, though not for much longer, as back then, you had to have had the full genital change op, which is not the case now) From there on, I've lived full time as a woman, though I've never actually had the genitals changed, due to the local NHS department being nigh impossible to deal with. Now its got to the point where I wonder if its worth it, though I'm sure if the need arose, I'd happily get it done. For now, I'm happy living the life anyway, so why take the alleviated risks involved? Not like I've got anyone else to worry about in my life. Not that I wouldnt mind someone in my life, I guess, but not actively seeking. When I get back, and when I get a job sorted out (and dont need my passport for interviews), I plan to change names again, to Stephanie Harlean Carpenter. Make the name properly female, instead of the get out I did in 2010, and taking a bit from the Jean Harlow lookalike I'm supposed to be, in that name. Oh, and get the letter from the Doctor that will enable me to have a female passport! I do my best, through my blogs, and various postings, to provide a positive image of transgender people, mainly to emphasise the difference between us, and those who dress casually as women, as a sexual thing only (cross dressing). I also support all LGBT issues to the best of my skills, not just the T ones. I do enjoy sport, principally Baseball, though I love the NFL a lot too. Cricket is another favourite of mine, but lets face it, most American's have never heard of it lol.

About Host: Alexia Anastasio I am an artist, an actress, a filmmaker and Dream Funding Coach. I have produced 8 independent feature films. I was featured in HBO's Bored to Death, VH1 “If you like...” commercial and Vetiver "Everyday" music video. I believe in magic, passion, dedication and creativity and also encourage it in the coaching sessions I provide.

My feature film work includes:
Director of Adventures in Plymptoons! documentary on Oscar nominated animator Bill Plympton Creator of documentary
Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives of Redheads
Creator of narrative feature Little Fishes
Co-producer and Co-star of Supernaturalz: Weird, Creepy and Random
Co-producer and Co-star of 7 Deadly Sins: Inside the Ecomm Cult
Editor of Vampira: The Movie
Associate Producer of The Wild World of Ted V. Mikels
Co-producer of Beyond the Noise: My Transcendental Meditation Journey
Co-producer and Co-star of The Amazing Kreskin on Ultimate Fear

Upcoming Film:
I am working on ‘The Fantastic Santa Monaco’ these days. It is a narrative film about two bisexual women, one is a performance artist the other a model and they are looking for love, connection and significance in Los Angeles. You are definitely going to love it. Watch the teaser here.

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