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No New Friends

Amount of money needed to raise: $5000
Amount pledged: $0
Funded percentage: 0.00%
Days left: 21
Sector: Apps.
Author:  Brian Newman

I want to create an app that links to your other social media sites that keeps tracks of "friends" you don't necessarily care for. It will link to the sites and when people (No New Friends) app users see something about the person that isn't so good, it will shoot over to your "No New Friends" app so you can baste in the glory of your enemies downfalls. I think, in a way, this app will help cut down on the BS people post and those "Need Sympathy" posts. Is it right? MMM maybe not. Is it entertaining? YES!

I have the skills to get it started, I just need funding and a creative team. Send me a message on Sqeeqee!

Status Active
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