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Art Makes the World Go Around

Amount of money needed to raise: $20000
Amount pledged: $0
Funded percentage: 0.00%
Days left: 24
Sector: Technology.

I want to the best art studio in LA!

All kinds of art: MC's, Producers, Graphic Designers, Painters, Illustrators, Animation!

Lets create a huge team and build!

Art makes the world go around !


Status Active
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Or choose a perk that you like:

Perk 1
Amount: $200 Name: Free Shirt: Custom Design Number: 100 Description: Our top illustrators and designers will work their magic and create beautiful art for you.

Much Appreciated!
Estimated delivery: Later Informed
Perk 2
Amount: $400 Name: Free Beat Number: 200 Description: Our top producers will work the 1s and 2s and get you a poppin' beat!

Much Appreciated!
Estimated delivery: Later Informed
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