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Hey Chris and Steven. :)

Margaret Thatcher In Her Own Words (Paperback)

Before George Bush and Tony Blair, there was Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Together they embodied the trans-Atlantic "special relationship" and faced head-on the threat of global communism. In…


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Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy

President Bill Clinton gives us his views on the challenges facing the United States today and why government matters—presenting his ideas on restoring economic growth, job creation, financial responsibility,…


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A Few Lessons for Investors and Managers From Warren Buffett

Peter Bevelin begins A Few Lessons for Investors and Managers with Warren Buffett's wisdom, "I am a better investor because I am a businessman and a better businessman because I am an investor." This…


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Sqeeqee #SocialNetworthing T-Shirt

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Hard Choices

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s inside look at the choices and challenges she has faced is “a subtle, finely calibrated work…with succinct and often shrewd appraisals of the complex web of…


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01 United States Residents Will Lose Access to Many Altcoins Starting 02 Concerns Over Facebook Data Use Derailed at Least 3 Crypto Partnerships 03 Toronto Raptors' Jeremy Lin is now the first Asian American to be 04 Bitcoin Worth Over $8,400 as Most Top Altcoins See Losses 05 President Trump likens first lady Melania Trump to 'Jackie O' but 06 Ivanka Trump Collected $4 Million Last Year From Dad's Controversial 07 Report: Facebook Secures Support From Dozens of New Firms for Its 08 Bitcoin Prices Gain As Positive Developments Attract Investors 09 2020 Democrats Rip Trump For Saying He'd Accept Dirt From Foreign 10 EXCLUSIVE: Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt 11 Former White House aide Hicks agrees to testify to House panel investigating 12 Hong Kong Protests Live Updates: Legislature Postpones Extradition 13 30 startups that lost millions of investors' money 14 Justice Dept. Agrees to Turn Over Key Mueller Evidence to House 15 Former White House counsel Dean describes parallels between Trump 16 YouTube CEO apologizes to LGBTQ community but stands by Crowder decision 17 Helicopter crashes into New York City building: Latest updates 18 'Tiger Mom' Amy Chua's Daughter Secures Clerkship With Kavanaugh 19 Joe Jonas Nearly Cheated On Sophie Turner With Her Lookalike But 20 AOC may challenge Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand in upcoming Senate 21 Why Lobbying Growth Is a Sign That Crypto Is Maturing 22 Single ticket claims $530 million Mega Millions jackpot 23 Tony Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s Youngest Brother, Dies 24 India’s Insane Anti-Crypto Bill Proposes 10-Yr Prison for Bitcoin 25 Mexico Agreed to Take Border Actions Months Before Trump Announced 26 Biden Still Leads In 2020 Iowa Poll, Three Others Fight For Second 27 Walmart will deliver groceries straight to your fridge 28 Carrie Underwood made history in a big way at the 2019 CMT Music 29 Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton made a telling move at the queen's 30 VIDEO: Umpire Mike Winters Calls the Worst Strike 3 of All Time Against
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