Silent Pocket Faraday Cage Sleeves
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Silent Pocket Faraday Cage Sleeves $239.99
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Protect Your Signals

Technology! It's brought us so far forward and made so many things much, much more convenient. (Remember physical encyclopedias that were sets of 20+ books, and always instantly out-of-date?) But carrying our entire life's data around in our pockets and bags also makes it that much more convenient for the Black Hats who want to steal our precious data, too.

Stay safe - protect your cards, mobile devices, and tablets from tracing, tracking, and hacking by placing them safely inside Silent Pockets. The card sleeves protect all of your credit cards, IDs, fare cards, passport cards, and more from RFID and NFC hacking. The patented Radio Frequency shield in the phone and tablet sleeves effectively blocks all wireless, cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, and NFC signals in all frequencies. And there's an alternate internal side, which shields only against RFID and NFC (so you can protect yourself from hacking on those frequencies, without missing a phone call or text). Silent Pocket phone and tablet sleeves shield up to 100 decibels (the best on the market), feature an interlocking magnetic RF seal (easy to use), and are even water resistant to protect your devices from liquid dangers, as well. 

Product Specifications

  • Silent Pocket Faraday Cage Sleeves

    RFID and NFC protection (and more) for cards, mobile phones, and tablets

    Choose Card Sleeve, or Phone/Tablet sleeve in Medium, Medium Plus, Large, or XL size

    Card Sleeve

    • Pack of 5 card sleeves

      Thin, flexible external material with smooth matte finish

      Blocks 13.56 MHz

      Fits 1 card per sleeve

      RFID / NFC blocking

      For single identification, credit card, debit card, transit card, mifare card, passport card, Global Entry, TWIC or enhanced drivers license

    Phone and Tablet Sleeves

    • Available in sizes Medium, Medium Plus, Large, and XL

      Interior Dimensions:

      • Medium: 5.75" x 4.1"

        Medium Plus: 6.25" x 4.1"

        Large: 8.25" x 6"

        XL: 10" x 7.5"

      See Sizing Guide in images above for your device

      Made of all genuine Napa leather

      High tension thread/drill lining

      Diamond pattern shielding made exclusively for Silent Pocket

      Shields up to 100 decibels

      Water resistant

      Interlocking magnetic RF seal (easy to use with no straps or snaps)

      Shields against EMR radiation

      Blocks GPS tracking

      Blocks frequencies between 800MHz – 5 GHz

      Blocks CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/3G/4G

      Blocks Wifi 2.4 - 5 GHz, Bluetooth (2.4GHz), and GPS (1-2GHz)

      Blocks RFID / NFC 125 KHz & 13.56 MHz 

      Carrier, hardware, and OS agnostic

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