Samurai Jack Back to the Past
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Samurai Jack Back to the Past $44.99
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Extra Thicc

Help Samurai Jack get back... back to the past in this board game for up to five players. The story picks up at the start of the fifth season (the 2017 [adult swim] one). You assume the guise of one of Jack's friends, Ahi, The Scotsman, Monkey Man, Sir Rothchild, or Max, to help Jack stay sane AND get back to the past to ensure Aku never exists. The play lasts three rounds, and the player with the most honor wins.  

Product Specifications 

  • Samurai Jack Back to the Past Board Game

    Officially-licensed Samurai Jack merchandise

    For 2-5 players

    Ages 13+

    Play time: 45-60 minutes

    Mechanic: Card drafting, cooperative play, set collection, simultaneous action selection 


    • Game board

      15 Location tiles

      7 painted vinyl figures (Ashi, Scotsman, Sir Rothchild, Monkey Man, Max, Jack, and Aku)

      48 Support cards (Trait, Ally, and Weapon)

      40 Movement cards

      9 Villain / Aku cards

      5 Character cards

      71 Honor Point tokens

      1 Jack token

      4 Encounter tokens

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