Pure Rice Bran (Cám gạo nguyên chất) 10 USD/1kg (đóng gói)
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Pure Rice Bran (Cám gạo nguyên chất) 10 USD/1kg (đóng gói) $10.00
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How bathroom with white rice bran

Just an average of 100 grams of rice bran contains 22 grams of the lipid, glucide 40 grams, 12 grams of protein remaining trace elements such as vitamin E, B6, B1, minerals, ... accounted for 26 grams.

Also in rice lipid containing gamma ozyganol oil has anti-UV, prevent pigment excreted melamine, making your skin more long aging.

So that rice bran effects such as UV, reduce acne, skin whitening, exfoliating better than any cosmetic, skin naturally smooth of white roses.

Characterization of rice bran is dry and does not stick so white bath for skin as well as your body needs to be combined with milk or honey or pure coconut oil.


1. 100 grams of pure rice bran.

2. 100 ml of pure coconut oil or 1 bag vinamilk milk or honey 100ml (in the materials also contain a lot of nutrients good for the skin).

Mix 2 very fine ingredients and apply this mixture on the face or body has been cleaned with warm water. You should cover the rice bran 20-30 minutes for the nutrients can penetrate deep inside that da.Sau bath with warm water all of you.

White rice bran bath with a bath 2-3 times a week just white rice bran in the skin that interest you after a month you will see much difference: your skin will be smooth and a lot brighter. I've tried the nursing a wrist after a month, my wrist 2 results are very big difference. For your skin is blackened by being burnt at sea or you can up daily for faster results.

P / s: rice bran scrub features you should use a first time about 3 days, if you like you can use the bag and give thanks to for regular face wash ..

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