iFixit All-in-One PC Driver - The IT Basics
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iFixit All-in-One PC Driver - The IT Basics $19.99
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Less hunting; more fixing

You know how it goes. You've just gotten some sort of new piece of equipment or peripheral. Maybe you've broken something (again) and you're going to pop it open to see if you can fix it. You whip out your trusty toolbox in search of the right screwdriver. But screwdriver after screwdriver, bit after bit, nothing fits. Much like trying to squeeze a Gelatinous Cube down a 9 foot wide hallway, your too-big screwdriver just won't fit. Your too-small screwdriver will fit, but you won't get any torque with that. Also, you're pretty sure that your idiot roommate borrowed the right screwdriver and now it's lost forever.

The iFixit All-in-One PC Driver - The IT Basics is going to solve all of these problems, except maybe your undesirable roommate. This set will take care of all your personal and semi-professional screwing needs. Whether you're building a Hackintosh or mounting your shiny new flatscreen monitor, the iFixit All-in-One PC Driver has the bit for the job. Just pull it open, flip the bit and/or the shaft to the tip you want, and push it closed. Just the screwdriver you were looking for. 

Product Specifications 

  • iFixit All-in-One PC Driver - The IT Basics

    Designed using the input from hundreds of PC repair technicians, finding out what tools they use the most

    We've combined them into this driver, making an all-in-one solution for IT professionals, PC builders, and repair technicians

    The contoured handle has a reversible shaft with reversible bits in each end, allowing for you to keep all the drivers you need in one convenient tool


    • Phillips #1 - for common PC screws

      Flathead 1/4" - for PC and rack server hardware

      Torx T15 - for proprietary PCs

      Nut Driver 5mm - for motherboard standoffs

      Nut Driver 1/4" - for case screws, nuts, and rack server hardware

      Nut Driver 5/16" - for rack server hardware

    Dimensions: 7 3/4" long x 1 1/4" diameter at max

    Weight: 6 oz.

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