I love Fairies Lunch Box
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Clap if you believe

We have had a most rare vision. We have had a dream! In it, the Queen of the Fairies commanded her minions to bring us all sorts of delights and delicacies. It felt so real and so indescribable... but we'd be silly to try and describe the indescribable. The Queen, she was lovely, though, with iridescent wings and bokeh sparkles. We wanted to bring her all the things, but we couldn't hold them all. And that's how the I Love Fairies Lunch Box was born.

Every time you pack your I Love Fairies Lunch Box, you'll feel a tingle of magic stir through you. As you partake of the contents, your mind will be filled with dreams and meadows, and all your problems will fade away. Of course, your problems will come rushing back as soon as you swallow, but all you have to do is take another bite from your I Love Fairies Lunch Box and your Midsummer Night's Dream will continue. Until you run out of snacks. Which is not our problem.

Product Specifications 

  • I Love Fairies Lunch Box

    For true believers

    Front and back read "I [Heart] Fairies"

    Sides read "I believe"

    Small purple handle

    Latch on top

    3D embossed front

    Care Instructions: Clean with damp cloth.


    Dimensions: 8" wide x 5 3/4" tall x ~ 2 3/4" deep

    Ages 6+

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