Firefly Pick - The Lightshow Guitar Pick
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Firefly Pick - The Lightshow Guitar Pick $79.99
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Many of us agree with John Lennon's lyrics metaphorically, but now we can let music light the way literally with this Firefly Pick. With a 3.5mm 10mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and a tiny LED, the Firefly Pick creates a rhythmic light show timed with your strumming, plucking, or thrashing. Whether your instrument of choice is the electric guitar, acoustic, bass, or the ukelele - if you can use a standard 341 size guitar pick, you can now create your own lighting timed with your performance. We're offering three different modes: the SKUs listed as a single color light up that color (clever, eh?), the SKUs with two colors listed in the name light up one color on the upstroke and the other on the downstroke, and the Insanity Random lights up a surprise color with every single stroke. It's perfect for singing songs around the campfire or lighting up a small club. Or singing a song about not being eaten by a Grue.

Product Specifications 

  • Firefly Pick - The Lightshow Guitar Pick

    Choose Flame Red, Insanity Random, Sea Green + Dusk Purple, Sea Green, Sky Blue, or Sky Blue + Flame Red

    Sea Green + Dusk Purple and Sky Blue + Flame Red flash one color on the upstroke and a second color on the downstroke

    Insanity Random flashes with a different LED color on each pulse

    Create a rhythmic light show with no buttons, knobs, or moving parts

    Perfect for singing songs around the campfire or lighting up a small club

    Beveled tip for uncompromising accuracy

    Intelligent computer and sensor array respond to any playing style

    Responds to both hand and plucking motions

    Ignores unrelated motions of your environment

    Materials: High-quality white light-diffusing polycarbonate shell 

    Batteries: 10mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (one charge lasts for 1-2 hours of constant playing, but much longer for "normal" use)

    Recharges via micro-USB cable in 1-2 hours

    LED charging indicator - pulses while charging, glows when fully charged

    Smart monitoring system automatically shuts down to save energy

    Dimensions: Same width and height as a standard 341 size guitar pick (26mm x 26mm). 4mm thick at battery. Tapers to <1mm thick at beveled edge.

    Includes one pick and micro-USB charging cable

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