Critical Hit D20 3D Window Decal
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Critical Hit D20 3D Window Decal $32.63
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Something is critically wrong

Back with D&D 4e first came out, we were in a campaign with a guy named Robin. He was the wizard in the party and he could not hit anything. Seriously, there could have been a rat with no defenses and he'd roll a 1 and get bit in the toe. It became a running joke, our poor, inept wizard.

Then one day outside the local tavern, some ruffians appear and cause a fight. (Like you do.) Our party steps in to set things right. Robin casts a burst spell and it actually hits... and kills all of the party's horses that were tethered by the building. Yup. True story.

Dice are bastards. We've all wanted to throw them, microwave them, crush them. It's amazing how a tiny piece of plastic can wreak so much havoc. The d20 Window Decal is inspired by those sportsball-through-the-window decals. But since we throw a lot more d20s than sportsballs, this seemed to be much more appropriate for our vehicles. Easy to apply and totally removable, the d20 Window Decal will make gamers smile and non-gamers look twice.

Product Specifications

  • Ever hurled a die in anger? Us too.

    Vinyl decal looks like a d20 smashed your window

    Applies easily to any clean window, removable

    Materials: Vinyl

    Application: Clean surface. Remove backing paper. Apply decal. Smooth out air bubbles.

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