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4d6andMe Stat Discovery Kit
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4d6andMe Stat Discovery Kit $119.99
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Uncover your true stats

We are excited for you to begin this adventure. Admit it: since the first time you picked up those polyhedral dice, you wondered, "What would my stats look like?" And in the past, it's been a mystery. But now, with the help of science, you can find out what those random number generators say about you.

The best news? It doesn't require a blood sample or even math. Get a detailed breakdown of your personal attributes (STRength, DEXterity, CONstitution, INTelligence, WISdom, and CHArisma) by providing a saliva sample using our at-home kit. Send it back, and we'll have your character sheet to you in 6-8 weeks (way before Gen Con). 

Everybody has a D&D story. What's yours? We can tell you your class, ability scores, ability modifiers, saving throws, skill proficiencies, hit die, passive wisdom, and initiative all on one easy-to-read form - in fact a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition character sheet! No more arguing over who gets shotgun or who gets to sing along with the radio and who doesn't. These numbers tell your personal D&D story.

In the LFG tool, you can see relationships between you and and other registered players and compare them with up to five other matches at a time to help you triangulate new players for your next adventure.

And if you want additional information - for instance, whether you're naturally gifted or its a racial bonus - you can choose to add on additional reports, such as Race and Alignment, for a small fee.

Product Specifications 

  • 4d6andMe Stat Discovery Kit

    Officially-licensed Dungeons & Dragons merchandise

    A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive in partnership with RPGenotech

    For those who have always wondered what their attributes are 

    With a simple saliva sample, discover your ability scores*

    No additional lab fee

    In approximately 6-8 weeks, we will send you an email to let you know your character sheet is ready in your online account

    Your class, ability scores, ability modifiers, saving throws, skill proficiencies, hit die, passive wisdom, and initiative in one easy-to-read form

    Includes saliva collection kit, instructions, biospecimen bag, and pre-paid return shipping envelope

* For an additional fee, we can also determine your race and alignment! Do you naturally have a 12 CON or is that a result of a racial modifier? We can tell you.   

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