Sqeeqee users can monetize accounts in more than 7 ways…

Sqeeqee is the integration of all of the best features of numerous world-renowned websites combined. This will likely be interesting to most and possibly compelling for some potential users. Ultimately, Sqeeqee’s revenue sharing with its users, allowing the users to monetize their profiles, will be the number 1 reason to join. Where social media has become so pervasive in today’s culture, where so many hours are devoted every day, week, and month, the ability to generate revenue for something people are already doing extensively is extremely attractive. Sqeeqee’s “social networthing™” rewards users for the countless hours spent posting, commenting, uploading videos and photos in order to create a personal brand of tremendous marketing value.

Sqeeqee’s platform provides users with the following methods for generating these revenues:


Allows users to sell items under 5$ free of charge and items over 5$ for a flat fee of just $0.99, regardless of the cost or size

50% Profile Ad Share

Users can set the price of each ad they sell on their profile. Profiles hold an unlimited number of ads and the user keeps 50% of all the ad revenues the profile generates.

30% Referral Ad Share

If a user refers an ad sale they are rewarded 30% of that revenue the 1st month.

70% Mobile Download Profit Share/30% Mobile Ad Profit Share

If a user develops or posts an app to be sold on Sqeeqee, the developer keeps 70% of the total amount made, whether a 1 time or recurring revenue. If the user is then able to sell advertised products on their app they can generate another 30% of the total amount of revenue those mobile ads generate.

30% Media Ad Share

If an ad is displayed on an image or video in a user’s profile page, that user makes another 30% of the monthly revenue.

70% Game Development Profit Share 

If Sqeeqee features a game that was created by a user that user will receive 70% of all the revenues the game generates.


Is Sqeeqee’s form of AdWords, this program offers users another profit sharing opportunity through hosted ads targeted to the user and the user’s followers.

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