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  • Christmas 2013

    Access: Private Creator: Linda Pham Total Members: 6 Description: The kids' wish lists...
  • KCCO

    Access: Public Creator: Jerry Lane Total Members: 101 Description: This is for all the Chiver's out there. This phone app has helped me laugh when times were bad. Post…
  • Olympics

    Access: Public Creator: Pyry Samu Total Members: 3 Description: we love the olympics! come and share you thoughts 
  • Call of Duty

    Access: Public Creator: James Anderson Total Members: 143 Description: COD discussions Anyone??
  • Support our Teachers!

    Access: Public Creator: Jenny Bullan Total Members: 90 Description: With funding leaving our schools, we must take it upon our selves to help our children's teachers!
  • Lebron Fans

    Access: Public Creator: Judy Garland Total Members: 3 Description: this group was set out for the ones who admire the performance of Lebron, he is truly a legend.
  • NBA News!

    Access: Public Creator: Anthony Saunders Total Members: 75 Description: With the NBA season around the corner this page will be HOT. Your at the right spot for the latest nba…
  • Gamers United

    Access: Public Creator: Lincoln White Total Members: 67 Description: Bringing like minded gamers together. Girl or guy you are welcome! Let's celebrate our gaming likes/dislikes…
  • Bachelors Union

    Access: Public Creator: Iblis Gavril Total Members: 3 Description: this group as its name indicates, it's for people who are living by their own, they have unique mind…
  • Coffee Beans

    Access: Public Creator: Pedro Shama Total Members: 20 Description: I love coffee, and it's known there are countless types and ways to drink and make it. share your thoughts…
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