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  • web design

    Access: Public Creator: Lawrence Marshall Total Members: 2 Description: come & share your experince with us in web design! 
  • Golden Retriever

    Access: Private Creator: Selena Marie Total Members: 7 Description: From my experience training dogs, golden retrievers are the most beautiful and kind hearted dogs I have…
  • Hillary supporters

    Access: Public Creator: Aishe Bo Total Members: 4 Description: we vote for hillary! Hilary 2016! 
  • Translators league

    Access: Public Creator: Xenia Obasi Total Members: 2 Description: do you work in translations? come join us here then! 
  • 90's Hip Hop

    Access: Public Creator: Dan Wilder Total Members: 189 Description: For those who only play classic hip-hop of the 90's only and realize how far today's "hip-hop" has veered…
  • Mad Sqeeqs

    Access: Private Creator: Mad CrochetLab Total Members: 14 Description: The other group got too crazy and info was not easy for new people to find so I'm creating this new…
  • Raspberry Pi tinkerers

    Access: Public Creator: Octavio Roderigo Total Members: 2 Description: it's for the embedded systems hobbiests
  • Wanderers

    Access: Public Creator: Zoe Saldana Total Members: 2 Description: it's a group for people who love to wander and walk around.
  • Global Peace

    Access: Public Creator: Bella Smith Total Members: 4 Description: I pray for peace all over earth. this group for people who aspire to realize peace all over the world.
  • Political Cartoons & caricature

    Access: Public Creator: Eddie Redmaybe Total Members: 3 Description: in this group we share political images and cartoons!
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