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  • Computer Technicians

    Access: Public Creator: Maya Jacques Total Members: 2 Description: this group for computers ( laptiops & desktops ) repairmen. here we can share ideas and assist each…
  • Jingle Dingle

    Access: Public Creator: Rudy Gill Total Members: 3 Description: who remember Jingle Dingle 
  • Make money online

    Access: Public Creator: Visiondice Total Members: 375 Description: This is a soft and social media group were you can share your knowledge about how to make money online…
  • Safe Haven

    Access: Public Creator: Caelan Hadwin Total Members: 4 Description: this group is our safe haven, we the friends here on Sqeeqee. come my friends and let's talk to each…
  • online eCommerce

    Access: Public Creator: Margaret Fuller Total Members: 2 Description: This group is for online traders
  • You are dumb

    Access: Public Creator: Henrikki Launo Total Members: 3 Description: This group where we tell the dumbs that they are dumbs directly! 
  • test- test

    Access: Public Creator: Sue Rollokoster Total Members: 2 Description: this is a test group 
  • Sport tips

    Access: Public Creator: Brett Johnson Total Members: 124 Description: Hey guys, Ever feel the need to ask for or give advice in the world of sports? Here is your outlet!…
  • Zambia

    Access: Public Creator: Lord Churchill Total Members: 4 Description: this group for all the zambian who are scattered around the world.
  • Lazy .oO

    Access: Public Creator: Ian Ujarak Total Members: 4 Description: you want to be lazy, and spend all the day without doing anything. welcome welcome to our corner
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