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Schindler's List Paperback by Thomas Keneally. Edition Date: (12/01/1993)
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The acclaimed bestselling classic of Holocaust literature, winner of the Booker Prize and the Los Angeles Times Book Award for Fiction, and the inspiration for the classic film—“a masterful account of the growth of the human soul” (Los Angeles Times Book Review). A stunning novel based on the true story of how German war profiteer and factory director Oskar Schindler came to save more Jews from… Detail info
Ten Tiny Toes Board book by Caroline Jayne Church. Edition Date: (01/07/2014)
Posted by: Patricio Lucio
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I LOVE YOU THROUGH AND THROUGH, GOOD NIGHT, I LOVE YOU, and now TEN TINY TOES! Caroline Jayne Church brings her adorable toddler art and lovely rhymes to this joyful twist on the tried-and-true classic, HEAD, SHOULDERS, KNEES, AND TOES. From ears that wiggle to bellies that giggle, TEN TINY TOES is sure to inspire little ones as they learn to celebrate their "mouth, ears, eyes, nose, and a love that… Detail info
Posted by: Sharon Augustine
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Posted by: Wingallok Ula
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