The Witches Of Dredmoore Hollow Paperback
by Riford McKenzie. Edition Date:: 03/12/2013
When his two strange aunts arrive at Dredmoore Hollow, eleven-year-old Elijah finds his life turned upside down. His parents suddenly leave town, and he’s whisked away to stay with Serena and Agnes on Moaning Marsh, where they run the world’s most mysterious beauty salon. Not to mention their creepy hired man, his beastly pet, and the three unusual girls who are their only customers. Elijah discovers that secrets and magic are part of the Dredmoore family legacy, and there’s no hiding from your roots no matter how deep, dark, and tangled they may be.
About the Author

Riford McKenzie is the author of The Witches of Dredmoore Hollow, a novel for young readers, and was a fi

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