The Only Thing Worse Than Witches
by Lauren Magaziner. Edition Date:: 08/14/2014
This is an utterly hilarious, utterly charming book, full of just the kinds of zany jokes and clever twists that will make it an immediate favorite among kids (and humor-loving adults!) The key ingredient here, I think, is a touch of absurdism, which Magaziner works into her story masterfully. The comparisons with Roald Dahl are absolutely apt.

The main character, Rupert, forms a solid center for a tale populated with fantastically wacky supporting characters--my favorites being Mrs. Frabbleknacker, Rupert's gleefully sadistic fifth-grade teacher, and bunny-phobic Witchling Two, who needs Rupert's help practicing for her upcoming magic exam (though she could teach Severus Snape a thing or two about how to make a perfect-tasting Egg Salad Potion). 

I can think of so many kids who will eat this book up when it's published in August. I can't wait to share it with them!
About the Author

*"Fifth-grader Rupert Campbell lives in a world that combines Roald Dahl’s Witches and Louis Sachar’s Wayside School....readers will banish themselves from the ordinary world to finish this book in a flash." - Kirkus Reviewsstarred review

"Magaziner’s debut has echoes of Dahl’s Matilda...The same goofy charm that Magaziner brings t

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