The Human Race Bible
by Dr. Marvin Ellis. Edition Date:: 11/27/2015
Have you ever wondered why there are so many problems in the world today. Why people sometimes treat each other so bad. From religious intolerance to social chaste systems, Humans seem to have fallen far from the original grace that made to planet pure. The Human Race Bible brings us back to our roots, our Human roots. Before we are anything we are human and before we can truly move on we must look at the world again through Human's eyes. Enjoy.
About the Author

Dr. Marvin Ellis (Dr. Karaam) is an educator, lecturer, inspirational speaker, musician and author of over 25 books under the subject matter of spiritual, inspiration and educational.  He is originally from Chicago, Illinois and has moved around the country observing humanity and learning from life experiences.  He is the founder of The KaLu Akademy and Early Development Center, The Temple of Human Spirituality and The KaLu Center.  He currently lives in Norfolk, Virginia with his wife and five of his seven children.

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