The Dog Who Could Fly: The Incredible True Story of a WWII Airman and the Four-Legged Hero Who Flew At His Side Hardcover
by Damien Lewis. Edition Date:: 06/10/2014
An instant hit in the UK, this is the true account of a German shepherd who was adopted by the Royal Air Force during World War II, joined in flight missions, and survived everything from crash-landings to parachute bailouts—ultimately saving the life of his owner and dearest friend.

In the winter of 1939 in the cold snow of no-man’s-land, two loners met and began an extraordinary journey that would turn them into lifelong friends. One was an orphaned puppy, abandoned by his owners as they fled Nazi forces. The other was a different kind of lost soul—a Czech airman bound for the Royal Air Force and the country that he would come to call home.
About the Author

In 1939, after surviving a crash in a French battlefield, Czech airman Robert Bozdech saved the life of his pilot and then, in spite of the dire circumstances, a small German Shepherd puppy the two men found in an abandoned farmhouse. In the years that followed as Bozdech, a man without a country, flew for the French and the RAF, his dog, Ant, was

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