The Battle of Bunker Hill: An Interactive History Adventure (You Choose: History) Paperback
by Michael Burgan. Edition Date:: 07/01/2007
You are a Patriot in the American Revolution, ready to fight for independence and the right to prosper in this new land, OR . . . You are a British soldier, sent to fight for England against the American rebels, OR . . . You are a Boston civilian trying to make sense of the chaos overtaking your city.
About the Author

Michael Burgan has written numerous books for children and young adults during his nearly 20 years as a freelance writer. Many of his books have focused on U.S. history, geography, and the lives of world leaders. He has also written fiction and adapted classic novels. Michael has won several awards for his writing, and his graphic novel version of the classic tale Frankenstein (Stone Arch Books) was a Jun

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