Technology for the Medical Transcriptionist Paperback
by Laura Bryan CMT BS. Edition Date:: 03/31/2009
This general technology book is the first resource to satisfy the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity model curriculum requirement for technology and will give professionals an introduction to a wide range of applicable software and technology concepts. This text will function as the core textbook for training programs as well as a manual for professional transcriptionists in need of additional technology and electronic efficiency information. To maintain the book's currency and relevancy, the most stable aspects of technology are printed in the text and significant changes will be published on the companion Website. Likewise, Website addresses for recommended resources and third-party sites are published on the book's companion Website in order to maintain the accuracy and currency of the links. Icons are located in the margins throughout the text to direct the reader to online information. The book covers concepts that are foundational to all versions of Windows and then provides detailed information on both Windows XP and Vista. Sections of text that are exclusive to one version are clearly marked with a shaded stripe down the edge of the page. Individuals may choose to read the Vista-specific text without worrying about missing vital information. This provides students and postgraduate medical transcriptionists a reference for Windows regardless of the version they are required to use on the job and allows the instructor to tailor the class to the specific needs to the student and the resources available to the school.
About the Author

I purchased this book for a class I was taking in college. The book isn't that easy to follow, the way it is set up takes you more time to get the information necessary. Also, the CD which comes with the book does not require an access code it is blind access. On the CD there is quizes for each chapter which you can take, I didn't find them very helpful. I wish the CD had a dictionary of words listed in the book like some other textbook CDs which I'

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