Snapchat 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started on Snapchat Paperback
by Scott Perry. Edition Date:: 07/27/2016
The ultimate guide to Snapchat for beginners -- this picture-filled handbook makes it easy for you to master the basics of the world's fastest-growing social network in minutes! 

This book was written BY adults FOR adults, so you get a clear, linear path to using Snapchat's key features, as well as tons of additional material for a greater understanding of the platform.
About the Author

Hi. After spending years helping record labels, movie studios, TVnetworks, household brands, and Fortune 500 companies harness the powerof emerging technologies, I put my skills into making this book, so that you can easily master the basics of today's hottest social network in under an hour.

Also, I came across this quote from Farhad Manjoo of New York Times on November 30, 2016, which really reinforces why adults should learn how to use Snapchat: "If you secretly harbor the idea that Snapchat is frivolous or somehow afad, it's time to re-examine your certainties... Snap has quietly become one of the world's most innovative and influential consumer technologycompanies."

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