Preparatory Piano Literature: Developing Artist Original Keyboard Classics Original Keyboard Classics with opt. Teacher Duets Paperback
by Randall Faber. Edition Date:: 12/31/1997
(Faber Piano Adventures ). Includes a CD of Accompaniments. Contents include: Allegretto (Kohler) * Ancient Dance (Praetorious) * Circle Dance (Beyer) * Country Ride (Kohler) * Echoes (Kohler) * Five-Note Sonatina (Bolck) * The Hero's March (Vogel) * In an Old Castle (Beyer) * Little March (Turk) * Melody (Beyer) * Ponies (Low) * Sonatina (Wilton).
About the Author

I have been playing piano for 8 months now - These Piano Literature (prep, 1, and 2) and the Faber and Faber Adult Piano Adventures have given me a lot to practice with and I am coming along quite nicely. I take lessons and my teacher uses these books. At 3 months I was playing Bach pieces that a person would learn 1 year in (supposedly). These books help build those basic skill faster. Of course its all a matter of what you do with it. I practice quite a bit, at least an

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