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by Christopher S. McLoughlin. Edition Date:: 06/24/2016
About the Author

Kobe's a great town and a decent place to raise a family. We have a good school district, prevalent jobs, and last year the Bulldogs took state in football and basketball. Although we have received attention for the strength of our high school sports program, the number one attraction is the world famous Grinder sandwich from the BBQ Pitt. Best BBQ in Ohio, maybe even the entire mid-west, but perhaps I'm bias. The caves and forests are great spots for hunting and hiking. Less than an hour south is a beautiful lake with waterfalls and caverns. Watch out for wolf spiders, though. They are abundant, and although not poisonous, the arachnids are known to be aggressive. Every town has its problems, like psycotic drug concoctions, an occasional murderous stalker . Or you might run into devil worshippers burning young girls at the stake. We aren't perfect. However, the law enforcement in Kobe is top notch, so if a problem exists, don't hesitate to call. Bert's probably answering the 9-1-1 crime hotline as we speak. Enjoy your stay. Stop by the BBQ Pitt to grab a Grinder, and a cold Kobe brewed beer, maybe if you're lucky Zed will let you sample his latest batch of finely crafted whiskey. Make sure you tip your waitress, you never know what might happen if you're rude in this town.

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