Inside and Beyond David Brooks's the Road to Character
by I.K. Mullins. Edition Date:: 04/27/2015
* To provide you with a concise, well-organized and clear summary of the key ideas and facts of Brooks’s The Road to Character;
* To provide you with a review of credible ideas, facts and findings that supplement or contrast with those in Brooks’s book. These “beyond-Brooks’s-book” ideas, facts and findings will provide you with a bigger picture of the issues discussed in Brooks’s book and help you better understand and critically think about its topics;
* To offer you additional insights into the stronger and weaker sides of The Road to Character via its critique;
* And to provide you with a list of carefully researched resources, including other books and free online resources that supplement Brooks’s book and its critique.
David Brooks, columnist for The New York Times, investigates in his book, The Road to Character, the shift in our culture that has inflated people’s perception of their self-worth. He argues that people cannot be happy and have a meaningful life as long as they submit to the ideas of our modern culture and focus only on their own sense of importance and external success. In Brooks’s opinion, one has to seek inner light and pursue a greater cause in order to experience a fulfilling life.
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