Industry of Lies: Media, Academia, and the Israeli-Arab Conflict Paperback
by Ben-Dror Yemini. Edition Date:: 10/24/2017
The Industry of Lies is one of the greatest frauds of recent decades - a fraud of historic, even epic, proportions. When almost half of all Europeans believe that Israel treats the Palestinians just like the Nazis treated the Jews, when leading politicians assert that the Arab-Israeli conflict is the central cause of violence in the world, and when prominent intellectuals argue that Israel is an apartheid state, the unfortunate reality is that the lies are winning.
As a result, Israel has become the devil incarnate in the eyes of many otherwise good and reasonable people - people who genuinely want to see peace but inadvertently contribute to the continuation of the Israeli-Arab conflict. The tragedy is that they are neither helping the Palestinians nor promoting agreement or reconciliation. Instead, they lend legitimacy to the most fallacious claims of the most extreme activists, empowering not moderates but the worst of the radicals who have no interest in attaining peace.
Israel is not free from flaws. However, this book draws a clear distinction between legitimate criticism and the industry of lies that has emerged from two unlikely sources - the media and academia - undermining their reputation as bastions of truth and knowledge. Ben-Dror Yemini presents an in-depth analysis of the many inaccurate and malicious accusations leveled against Israel and refutes them one by one in this thought-provoking and well-researched volume that invites us to rethink the causes and consequences of the Israeli-Arab conflict.
About the Author

"Tomorrow an op-ed article of mine will be publishedin the New York Times, and it is actually due to something you wrote." I was startled. A tall, impressive, elderly man had taken me by surpriseat the end of a lecture I had just given in Manhattan, the evening of October 18,2009. How could something I had written have led him to write a piece in the New York Times? I cordially asked the stranger to identifyhimself. He introduced himself as Robert Bernstein and added "But call me Bob." He then suggested we do lunch. The name ranga bell. He was the man who had founded Human Rights Watch (HRW), the largest humanrights organization in the world. The previous year I had published several piecescriticizing some of the publications and distortions of that organization. At firstI thought that Bernstein wanted to take me to task and confront me  with  facts  that  he thought  would  disprove  my  allegations  that  HRW  hadmisrepresented the situation in Israel. 

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