I'm Having A Baby!: Well Rounded Perspectives (What Now?) Paperback
by Christine Traxler. Edition Date:: 10/01/2013
Whether thinking about having a baby or already expecting, the process of getting ready for a new member of the family is a big deal and a big milestone in anyone’s life. Lesson Ladder has released a simple, user-friendly book to provide the reassurance and support that new parents need, plus the most important, must know information for pregnancy and childbirth. 

Written by an experienced family practice physician, this book features professional medical expertise and personal, parental stories integrated throughout. 10 month-by-month core chapters make it easy to chart your progression and ensure that you’re not skipping any important steps along the way! Our book also includes important guiding chapters on Preparing for PregnancyEnsuring a Healthy PregnancyLabor and DeliveryCaring for Your Newborn
About the Author

Christine Traxler, MD, is a family practice physician who cared for hundreds of mothers and newborn babies in her clinic and hospital in Minnesota for more than a decade. She successfully counseled many mothers with high-risk pregnancies who then went on to deliver healthy babies. Dr. Traxler received her medical training at the University of Minnesota Medical School and currently lives in Minneapolis, Mi

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