Hand of the Bliss Mistress: Come on an extra ordinary adventure with the most revolutionary Mistress of our time (Secrets of Bliss) (Volume 2)
by Amara Hart. Edition Date:: 03/13/2014
Amara Hart’s fiction new release is the sequel to Making the Bliss Mistress, where she gets down to business. And so it is filled with real life stories of pleasure healing & moving her male clients through the psycho-sexual progressions of King Returned, Wildman, Father & finally Merlin. Meet also the Maidens, Mothers & Crones who likewise benefit from journeying alongside their partners as they receive coaching to step up & become all that they can be, within their heads, hearts & beds. Unmistakably, at this point in her practice, Amara commonly appears to deliberately make mischief for her clients. One might suppose that she does in an effort to both challenge & enlighten her mostly male clients; to drop their illusions & distractions so that they can step more fully into their personal, sexual & spiritual power. If they do as they’re told, she promises: they will soon revitalize their health & relationships. I promise, both books in the series published so far are truly beautifully crafted, sassy adult novels. Amara’s wildly amusing coaching tales are sure to thrill women’s fiction readers, along with men who are keen to learn more about the female sexual psyche. Uriah Desjardin Psychiatric MD Hart’s cure all medicine – take one whole-hearted, full bodied earth shattering orgasm; then lie down for a long while in a hot salt bath. After which Amara guarantees you’ll be ready to hop back on your horse & ride out to see who is there in the land of love & bliss to meet you. One of the most exciting & timely adult novels to appear in a long while. Both titles out now are not only entertaining but certainly major food for thought. Laurie Matins - Blended Families Counselor Once again Amara is sensationally seductive in her candor regarding her own exploration of sensual pleasure and relationship fulfillment. Also her in-depth research on the mysteries of the ancient tribal customs regarding the handing down of sacred sexual knowledge as well as the subsequent age progressive initiations is utterly astounding. A guaranteed riveting & juicy fiction series with great romance & sex tales, along with excellent drama, which is totally unique & uncompromising in the way it honestly portrays all that it is to be a woman, with so many roles & also the defining need to find sexual fulfillment, with or with a relationship. Mary Carter – BASE Jump Retreats Hallelujah: finally a smart & uniquely provocat
About the Author

As you would imagine choosing the unconventional path of providing Pleasure Healing, does incite considerable curiosity and intrigue from most spheres. Often times I am asked why I chose this daring path but the truth is, for the most part, it appears the path chose me. However I think the more rational answer is, ‘we teach what we most need to learn.’ I would describe myself as a Thinker, Dreamer, Doer who is feminine with an outgoing personality which allows me to be a generous connective comm

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