Don't Blink! Hardcover
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Edition Date:: 04/03/2018
This interactive book may seem to be on your side, reluctant sleeper -- but it's truly a bedtime book in disguise! New from New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Amy Krouse Rosenthal and David Roberts!

Here's how it works: if you can avoid getting to the end of this book, you can avoid bedtime, simple as that. (It's a pretty sweet deal, actually.) But each time you blink, you have to turn a page. Those are just the rules. So whatever you do, DON'T BLINK!

From New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Amy Krouse Rosenthal and David Roberts comes a playful, super-duper interactive bedtime story, narrated by a cheeky stuffed owl. Kids love a challenge, and you can bet they'll do their darndest to rise to the one set out in Don't Blink!...especially when bedtime is on the line!
About the Author

PreS-Gr 1—A cute, gray owl with huge eyes sets the stage in this interactive book. The premise is that readers can dodge bedtime simply by avoiding reaching the end of the book. As the title suggests, the way to do this is not to blink. Each time readers blink, they have to turn the page. The owl suggests all sorts of techniques to help—a staring contest, focusing on an optical illusion, even physically holding their eyelids open. The text is engaging and kids will enjoy the challenge of trying not to blink. The illustrations are simple, most spreads showing just the owl on a plain white background. About halfway through, black and gray appear at the top and bottom of each spread, as if viewers are looking out through eyelids growing heavier. This clever technique continues until there is only a slit of white page left and the owl finally suggests that readers close their eyes to keep from blinking. VERDICT A playful, interactive read-aloud that provides an appealing bedtime-focused spin, even if it doesn't quite match Hervé Tullet's Press Here and B.J. Novak's The Book with No Pictures.—Kimberly Tolson, Concord Free Public Library, MA

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