Dilbert 2015 Day-to-Day Calendar Calendar – Day to Day Calendar
by Scott Adams. Edition Date:: 07/08/2014
If you work in anything that resembles an office, chances are you have coworkers who resemble Dilbert's.

 Maybe your boss doesn't have pointy hair, but he (or she) probably more than once has used meaningless business speak to cover a lack of knowledge--and fooled exactly no one. A guy in the next cubicle probably shows up each day just for the free coffee, and another probably works like a crazy-woman hoping for a little recognition. Dilbert creator Scott Adams includes them all. Any resemblance to your actual coworkers is intentional (and hilarious).

 Get a head start on each day's office craziness with this best-selling Dilbert calendar that features a full-color cartoon on every page.
About the Author

What started as a doodle has turned Scott Adams into a superstar of the cartoon world. Dilbert debuted on the comics page in 1989, while Adams was in the tech department at Pacific Bell. Adams continued to work at Pacific Bell until he was voluntarily downsized in 1995. He has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1979.

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