Cryptic: Metamorphosis Book 2 (Volume 2)
by L.C. Perry. Edition Date:: 08/18/2016
About the Author

Despite making it through the land of Rasha and gaining three of the Foreigners, Ringzette still has a long way to go before she can call it quits. Now entering the land of the Wielders, Ringzette learns far more than she ever imagined – and wishes she hadn’t. The world she has known her whole life is shaken as she learns more about the people who’ve been separated from her tribe for decades. Her mentality is constantly tested along with the bonds she has formed with her comrades. New enemies appear. Fights persist. Tension rises. Deaths occur. And betrayals are made. Ringzette isn’t sure she’s cut out for this but continues forward for the sake of protecting those she cares about…including the brother she still has yet to find. As she gets further caught up in the battle between the Foreigners and the Terrestrials and closer to the one behind the strings, Ringzette starts to realize that she wasn’t given this mission by default. She may not be as normal as she thinks…

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