Coloring Austin Animals: A Celebration of Five Years of No-Kill in Austin
by oloring Austin Animals: A Celebration of Five Year. Edition Date:: 06/13/2016
About the Author

Each year, more than 18,000 homeless or displaced animals enter the Austin Animal Center. Through adoption, rescue placements, foster families and returns to owner, the shelter has saved more than 90% of these animals since 2011. This past year, about 95% have been saved. This means AAC relies on the community and many programs to help not just dogs and cats, but also wildlife, small animals like rabbits, and farm animals like roosters! The following are just a few of the special animals who have called Austin Animal Center home and eventually find permanent families. These are the faces that help us celebrate the fact that Austin is truly America’s safest city for animals. In Austin, every life is worth living and each unique animal has a story to tell.

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