Classic Starts™: Greek Myths (Classic Starts™ Series) Hardcover
by Diane Namm. Edition Date:: 06/07/2011
From Icarus's legendary flight to Orpheus's trip to the underworld, this stunning edition brings to life 15 classic Greek myths. Easy to read and beautifully illustrated, it includes Heracles' mighty tasks, Pandora's box, King Midas's golden touch, and more!
About the Author

I have been purchasing the classic start series books and reading them along with my child for the past six months. We have enjoyed every one we have read together. The classic starts are abridged "introductions" to the classic novels, meaning that the story line is still intact without all of the difficult dialogue that is often in a classic heavy read. The chapter length and wording are appropriate for elementary-aged children to read on their own.

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