Classic Cowboy Stories: Eighteen Extraordinary Tales Of The Old West 1st Edition
by Michael Mccoy. Edition Date:: 06/01/2004
Roping a buffalo, running off cattle rustlers, sitting out a winter storm in a cave-adventures like these were all part of everyday life for the cowboy. They're depicted here in stories that have stood the test of time, by writers whose words are just as funny and wise today as they were one hundred years ago.
Covering all corners of the great Western expanse-from Montana to Mexico, California to the Mississippi-the stories in this collection represent not just the Anglo male perspective but also that of the blacks, Mexicans, and women who made their lives on the range. It features works by Owen Wister, Theodore Roosevelt, Frederic Remington, Isabella L. Bird, Nat Love, Bill Nye, Charlie Siringo, Zane Grey, Andy Adams, Mark Twain, E. Mulford, O. Henry (creator of the Cisco Kid), and many others, including some surprises by little-known authors.
About the Author

There's nothing more American than a good cowboy story. Collected in these pages are eighteen of the finest fictional works and true narratives about life on the range, all having stood the test of time. Covering all corners of the great Western expanse, these stories feature cowpokes of every ilk - anglo males, Mexicans, women - and colorful characters such as the Cisco Kid, a surprisingly cold-hearted killer created by O. Henry. Some of the stories praise the legendary cowpuncher, while others poke fun. Some are lively tales of adventure and romance, while others offer rare glimpses into the real-life world of the cattleman. Each will transport you to an all-but-vanished place and time.
With contributions from:
Owen Wister; Zane Grey; Isabella L. Bird; Theodore Roosevelt; O. Henry; William MacLeod Raine; Frederic Remington; F. R. Buckley; Clarence E. Mulford; B. M. Bowers; Frank Benton; Bill Nye; Stewart Edward White; Eugene Manlove Rhodes; Emerson Hough

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