A Day in August
by Reis Armstrong. Edition Date:: 10/15/2015
During August of 2005 when word first spread across New Orleans about Hurricane Katrina, no one took it seriously. As the storm swept closer, 17-year-old Louis Devereux is forced to stay behind with his family, while his girlfriend, Monroe Le Blanc, evacuates the city with her parents. After the storm settles and months pass without any contact, Louis goes on a mission to find her by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Monroe has already moved on and accepted the fact that he’s dead. But if Louis has anything to do with it, not a human or hurricane will keep them apart. 
About the Author

Reis Armstrong, also known as Love Reis & Soul, is a novelist and screenwriter with a musical background that specializes in production, songwriting, and engineering. Earning his Recording Engineering degree from Full Sail University, Reis has worked with and been taught by some of the best in the industry. On the writing side, Reis is the author of the young adult novel, A Day In August, and an upcoming trilogy series, Brooklyn Goodbye, in which the screenplay version has caught the attention of various film companies in L.A. He is a free spirit with a wild heart, who loves to explore the world in his spare time, seeing things he’s never seen, doing things he’s never done, from currently backpacking through Europe to living amongst indigenous tribes in the South Pacific. (Yes, he’s aware that there are no malls in the middle of the jungle.) For the next year, Reis will be backpacking around the world and documenting each city he visits with his travel series, "Where's Reis," which can be viewed on his website www.lovereisandsoul.com , as well as youtube. You all are more than welcome to come along for the ride!

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