2040 Revelations: Book One of Ancient Origins
by Robert Storey. Edition Date:: 07/01/2013
About the Author

Robert grew up in East London in England and as a young boy always dreamed about becoming a fiction writer, but it never occurred to him that he could follow that dream. Some years later fate intervened and he was struck down with a debilitating neck condition known as Cervical Dystonia, which was brought on by a car accident some years earlier. Rendered housebound on and off for well over a decade, he thought his condition signalled an end to his life, but Robert had failed to realise something … he was wrong, and in his darkest hours he turned to writing as a means of escape. Never thinking anyone would read his work, let alone like it, Robert has now published four books in his bestselling Ancient Origins series and plans on writing four more, along with a fantasy series and a number of thrillers. His condition still keeps him indoors more than he would like, but it doesn’t stop him from writing, and more importantly it doesn’t stop him from dreaming …

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