2015 Vegan Weight Loss Journal: January February March
by Sukru Basci. Edition Date:: 12/03/2014
Keeping a daily record of what you eat is a proven way to help you successfully lose weight. Even former President Clinton advocates that in a recent AARP Magazine interview (Aug/Sept 2013). There are so many new digital products, watches, and apps out there that really kind of go overboard in tracking your calories, food, exercise, etc. The problem is that it is just too complicated for many busy people to keep up with all of the inputting and record keeping. As Albert Einstein once said, the simplest solution is often the best solution (or something like that). This new calendar-type food journal does exactly that in only a few minutes a day. No more trying to figure out where your program is, or where you stored your notes. Everything is there for you in a minimalist way. Your dates are pre-filled, just fill in what you ate and did. It is very easily organized and designed not to be too large or too small. You can track your progress, see how you are doing, and make adjustments accordingly. This food and weight loss journal is designed for those who would like to try the vegan approach, which I personally did along with President Clinton, with some impressive results. If you are serious about your health - try this approach for the next 100 days and come back to the Amazon review section and let us know how you did. I think you will be surprised by the results.
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