Dec 06, 2015 4:41 PM

Sqeeqee's CEO: Compelling Traits in a Leader



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Just reminiscing this past week with Paris and Mali … A few thoughts come to mind that I would like to share with you.
As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I am so very thankful for the love, support, trust, confidence, and faith of my partners, board and team members, affiliated businesses, and family and friends near and far.
I may not always make the right decisions, but I have never stopped improving.
I may not have all the time in the world for you individually, but I am only an email, text, or call away.
I may rush to judgment occasionally, but you can always steer me right.
If I've made mistakes, I ask you to find it in your heart to forgive.
If I've walked the wrong path, I hope you'll utilize compassion to steer me in the right direction.
If I've made you proud, it only takes one second to let me know.
I believe we've all met for a very special reason. Whatever that reason may be, it is always better to grow friends than enemies – especially in this vulnerable world. Life is worth living, but certainly short-lived. The world is beautiful to explore, but so susceptible. It is now more important than ever to connect, to spread compassion, love, and caring to those who mean the most to you. Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about on a personal or business basis. It is worth it to make that call, to send that email or text message
If you've shed a tear over what has been going on around the world recently and/or through reading this personal message of mine, please pass it on. It is not meant to bring tears, but it is meant to encourage you to hold on to those who are truly important to you – those who bring special meaning to your life. A little bit of extra love and free hugs go a long way.
Love overshadows evil. So, spread compassion. Be the one who makes a difference.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Your CEO,
Jenny Q. Ta
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