Sep 10, 2015 1:49 PM

Great New Web 2.0 Sites that Pay You

Written by : Maya Grace



We found a number of Web 2.0 sites which will pay YOU for simple, easy activities that you can do from literally anywhere. Each of these has a strong user base and a comprehensive payout program which rewards you in cash for simple activities.

Get paid by these websites to do everything to writing simple articles, using social media, or rating websites.


web 2.0 sites


Texbroker.com employs individuals all around the U.S. to write simple articles on a large variety of topics: from home decorating to auto repair to pets. And don’t worry: you don’t need to be an English major to make money writing. The articles are generally so basic that it doesn’t take much time to do some general research to crank out a quick article. Textbroker does require a simple application, but it’s relatively light and straightforward.

Textbroker pays out weekly and via PayPal, making it hassle-free, quick, and easy to use. Most users can easily make enough to pay for a night out in a week’s work of a few hours here and there.


Why waste time on social media for free when Sqeeqee.com will pay you to do it? According to the Sqeeqee website, you can gain “Sqeeqee Bucks” by just linking all your social media accounts up to their own social media platform… and then engaging in any normal social media activities. Of course, you’ll only get fractions of a cent for talking with friends and sharing that cute new cat video; but that can quickly add up if you’re on social media all the time.

The Sqeeqee.com platform also has a patent-pending search engine which allows you to get paid to shop, search, and even play games. What’s more? In addition to the total customization of your social presence, you can monetize your own profile plugging in a few ads and sharing in the revenue they generate… anywhere from 30% to 70% over the lifetime of that ad. Their great app makes it easy to do this from a smartphone.

Once you get a certain amount of Sqeeqee Bucks, you can cash it out with no hassle.


Analysia.com pays users to thoroughly test out new websites and to review them. There’s a small application process, and new projects are delivered by email; but only take about 10 or 15 minutes each. You’ll need to read detailed instructions and record your session, but it’s very straightforward and simple.

Analysia pays a whopping $10 per test, and payments are sent out via PayPal.


Love being the first person to learn about new musicians or songs? This one might be for you. SliceThePie.com literally pays users to listen to new songs and then record brief reviews to give the artist or production company feedback. The rosters are truly massive, and there’s absolutely no application process.

Now, the pay isn’t great per song, usually under $0.05, but if you stick at it daily, it’s not difficult to earn enough to pay out. SliceThePie has a pay out threshold of $10, but you can gain additional money by referring friends or other individuals to alsoreview. It doesn’t pay instantly, though, and takes a few days after you select the ‘withdraw’ option before you see your cash. But who else would actually pay you to listen to great music and discover new bands?


QuickTate.com is a little like SliceThePie.com… but rather than write reviews of songs, you listen to talks and recordings, and write transcriptions of them. Interestingly, the vast majority of what’s being transcribes is phone messages and voicemails. The application process is very straightforward and simple, making it easy to get accepted as a writer. The only downside is that it doesn’t pay terribly much, so it can take a while to earn enough to cash out.

A good number of individuals do some work for QuickTate to gain a bit of experience as a transcriptionist before heading where the real money is: freelancing.


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