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Making Money from Your Social Expertise



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Most of us would like to make a few extra bucks, but most of us often don’t want to spend too much time or effort doing so, especially if we already have a job or family that takes up most of our time. However, there are plenty of ways to make some extra cash doing something you love, and when this happens, it feels like you’re getting paid for doing nothing (which is always nice).

If you have a knack for the social scene (such as social media sites and/or blogging), you can easily make some extra cash without putting too much effort into it. The following are just a few ways that you can make money from your social expertise in no time.

Make money blogging.

Blogging is extremely popular, no matter if you’re an individual with a passion or a company with information to share. If you’re interested, you can easily make money blogging. If you currently have your own blog, you can make money by selling ad space. You could also make money (or get free stuff) by writing online reviews of products you’ve recently purchased. If you become an affiliate marketer, you can also get paid when your readers buy something you’ve shared. For example, if you become an Amazon affiliate and share special amazon links on your site, you’ll get paid any time one of your readers uses that link to make a purchase. It couldn’t get any easier.

If you don’t currently have a blog, you can still make money with them. Obviously, your first choice is to create one, and with sites like WordPress or Blogger, it’s pretty simple (and free) to do. If you don’t want to handle the responsibility of a full-time blog, you can always find a part-time job working for a blogger. For example, many companies out there will pay money for ghost writers to create content for their blog, so if you’re great with words, you can easily make a few extra bucks.

Make money with emails.

You can also make money with email marketing. Like blogging, you can find a company who is willing to hire you to write the content for their emails, which can help you make some extra dough. There are also companies out there who are willing to pay people just for opening and reading emails. Inbox Survey is one company that offers to pay people just for reading their emails. Plus, they often send out additional surveys, and if you fill them out, you can also earn some extra cash.

Use social media.

Social media also provides you with an opportunity to earn some extra cash. If you have a YouTube channel, you may be able to earn some extra cash. If you have a large following, YouTube will often pay you for bringing in a high amount of traffic. You have to enable monetization on your account in order to do this, but as long as you get a high amount of likes on your videos, you can rake in the dough.

Another way to make money on YouTube is to put ads before your videos. Many companies will pay a nice amount of money to put an ad in front of your audience, especially if you get a lot of traffic and have an audience that’s in line with their target market.

With other sites, such as Twitter or Facebook, you can use these sites to push out information and earn money. For example, some companies are willing to pay people with a lot of Twitter followers to share a link to their website. These companies will usually pay per click, so the more people that use the link you provide, the more money that goes into your wallet.

Consider social networthing.

Chances are you have a social network account (or seven), and chances are that you use them on a regular basis. What if you could get paid for using your social network sites? Well, you can. Sqeeqee.com is a social networthing site (and app) that allows individuals and companies to monetize and generate revenue from their profiles. By building a network of associates, sharing pictures, posting status updates, and browsing other pages, you can earn extra money. This is a great way to fatten your bank account by doing something you already do on a daily basis.


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