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EVENT DATE: September 23, 2014


The need for ALWAYS ON, ALWAYS CONNECTED demand through Social Networthing, a way to socialize and monetize daily networking activities.

Today’s social networks are failing to evolve, limiting member’s online activities to communication with friends and failing to recognize the potential value of online networks. It was this potential that spurred the creation of Sqeeqee.com, a bold evolution in social networking aimed at providing members a new way to maximize their online experience and enhance daily engagement through a progressive platform and modern technology. With Sqeeqee, users can monetize their online profiles and share in the advertising revenues they generate for the first time ever. The site will feature dynamic new integrated features never before seen on social networks including an e-commerce market, search engine, virtual stock market, crowdfunding, coupons, charitable donations, and even mobile applications that can be purchased from this all-in-one platform. Sqeeqee.com is transforming the world of social networking by giving average users the tools to create not just a new account or an extensive network of associates but a profile that can be monetized.

We want the participants to walk away from the presentation asking themselves how much value is their social engagement worth and how to monetize it through Social Networthing.

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