Apr 11, 2014 6:31 PM

Internet Marketing Trends for the Next Year

This year, we saw advancements in marketing through handheld devices--smartphones, tablets, etc. We also perceived social media making a strong impact in the marketing scene. When you analyze various things that revolutionized internet marketing last and this year, you may be wondering what may be big next year and beyond. In this article, you will see various trends that you can find in internet marketing next year.


1. Mobile Marketing


Today, more than 75 percent of the world's population has access to mobile devices. People not only consume content on mobile phones but also create and share content. Tablets are also as important as smartphones for today's online marketers. In the last two years, many websites updated their designs to be mobile-friendly. Soon, we will be seeing more companies taking up mobile marketing seriously.


2. Inbound Social Media Marketing


Companies now spend much time on social media sites. They create valuable content that drives traffic to their social profiles and thereby create good business leads. This particular marketing technique is known as 'inbound marketing'. The content provided should be rich with text, audio, video, and interactive elements. Such content can drive organic traffic to the company's website and generate revenue. Marketers will also be using various analytics tools to find effective content markets.


3. Improvements in Visualization of Data


Infographics and such other clever data visualization techniques are highly popular these days. In the coming days, we will see more of such innovative marketing techniques. Many startups have created apps that make complex data easily accessible to consumers. People will be seeing more interactive content that will engage and educate them. When deployed effectively, this will prove to be a powerful marketing technique.


4. Loyalty in Marketing


Good companies have always focused on retaining an existing customer as well as acquiring new customers. Today, this has become one of the most important aspects of doing business as the global competition has become intense. Since more people use social media, they can easily share the details of a particular company with each other. This has made many companies focus more on improving the products, services, and support options, so that people will talk about them more often. Building loyalty to the brand is very important in tomorrow's business world.


5. Invoking Social Changes


Today, some brands have a huge influence on the communities they serve. Social media sites have greatly helped businesses achieve this level of influence. Social media marketers employed by a company should share ideas for social welfare in order to increase the influence of the company. By becoming part of the groups in which people are discussing a brand, the brand can easily contribute quite a bit.


6. The Importance of Design


Web design has become a very important aspect of marketing today. Design and analytics firms provide attractive landing pages and sales pages at affordable rates. Attractively designing apps for mobile platforms will be equally important for the future.


7. Analytics


Companies are not generating leads only through websites these days. There are social media sites, video sites like YouTube, forums, etc., that help in lead generation. Hence, configuring the analytics to track the source of each lead is very important for businesses today. This helps in prioritizing the funding on each opportunity.




Marketing may be difficult, but with the tools available today, it has become quite a bit easier. More than a billion people worldwide use social media sites, and there are opportunities for everyone in them. By being creative enough, you can find out many great marketing opportunities.

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