Oct 17, 2013 1:17 PM

Sqeeqee: Our Status, 3 Months After Coming Out of Beta

How time flies when you’re having fun, right? It certainly has for our Sqeeqee team, and sometimes 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough!


We have been crazy busy enhancing our platform, and we would like to share some of those enhancement features with our users in this blog post:


Customized Background


Users can now customize the background to their profiles with any colors, images, or videos by using one of Sqeeqee’s licensed images or videos or using one of their own.












Privacy Settings


We have enhanced our privacy settings where we are putting our users in the driver's seat. Users can choose to open their entire profile (including postings on walls, photos, and videos to the world) or be selective and only share it with buddies. Users can choose to allow all photos and videos to be public, allow only certain photos or videos to be public while keeping the rest private, or simply keep everything private. Users can also be selective and allow photos and videos to be viewed by only those who are following them or those they are following as well. All of these options are available, and it’s up to each individual to choose what best fits his or her needs.














Page Customization


Sqeeqee’s “page customization” is an enhancement dedicated to some of our early users who gave us their opinions—and we’re letting them know that we’re listening! Some of our users wrote to us asking if certain features could be customized so that they wouldn’t be shown on their home wall until they need to utilize such features. Given the gazillion unique features Sqeeqee has to offer, we do understand how overwhelming things can be for first-time users. While we believe our default settings for the home wall are best suited for our “networthing” model, as it offers all of the tools one would need to maximize one’s potential to build income and wealth, we also understand not everyone may need all of these features. Some may want crowdfunding but not fundraising. Others may simply want a cleaner home wall where they can post conversations with friends and share photos and videos. The options are endless, and our Sqeeqee team totally gets it.


With “page customization,” users are in the driver’s seat to rearrange, add, or remove any of the features shown on our default home wall according to their own desires. We respect our users; and therefore, we have made the necessary enhancements to give them full control of their profiles. After all, one has to be comfortable with his or her own profile in order for “social networthing” to be in full swing and effective. At any time, users can always choose to return to our “default” settings, and Sqeeqee’s original look will reappear.


Photos and Videos


Sqeeqee's platform was originally a closed platform where photos and videos could not be shared with other social media networks. However, our users asked that we enable photos and videos to be shared with friends, family, and followers from other social media networks, so we have granted this request. With our enhancement to photos and videos, each given photo and video on Sqeeqee’s platform will now have its own individual unique URL. With this unique URL, users can choose to share with any other social media platforms and/or the world. Just be sure to update your privacy settings allowing you to do so. After all, our users are in the driver's seat, so they are free to do whatever they wish with their photos and videos.


Mobile Apps


As we are making much progress with our enhancements above, this has taken a slight toll on the development of our mobile apps. Oh, don't get us wrong; we ARE going to roll these out soon enough, but we’re just a bit behind schedule. Sqeeqee’s social commerce platform is intricate, and if certain areas are being enhanced, this is bound to affect other areas like our mobile apps. Therefore, to our many fans and users, thanks for your patience. Our apps will be rolling out before you know it. :)


Remember one of Confucius’ most famous quotes: “It doesn't matter how slowly you go—so long as you do not stop.


We don’t believe we’re moving slow at all. Given that we’ve only come out of beta just three months ago, we’ve made so much progress. Just take a look at our “press” page and you’ll see.



Think we're done? Far from it! We're just getting started!

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