Oct 08, 2013 9:46 PM

Blogs for Bucks: 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog


Having a blog is only half the battle. Once you have achieved the readership you desire, it’s important to actually monetize your audience. Monetization is the act of leveraging a successful blog to actually make money from it. While the process of monetization is often difficult and time-consuming, but it pays off in the end. Time is money, putting out a bit of time you can eventually attain passive and consistent income that will steadily grow. You can always start by blogging on Sqeeqee.com. Let us know how we can help you get your blog rolling!!


1. Begin with the Banner Ads

While pay-per-click advertising networks may not be the most exciting or unconventional method of monetization, it’s still very important. The major advertising networks today include Google and Bing. When your blog is just starting out, you may only make a few dollars on pay-per-click revenue a month. However, if your blog suddenly receives a tremendous amount of hits you could strike gold. This type of windfall can be unpredictable: a single link could be posted to a major site and increase traffic by a hundred-fold.


2. Market Associated Products

Affiliate marketing through third-party sites such as Amazon is a fantastic way to make money. You can write product reviews or simply link to related products and the third-party merchant will do the rest. Any time someone clicks from your website to theirs and purchases a product, you’ll receive a certain percentage as commission. As your blog grows, this can be extremely lucrative.


3. Sell Your Posts

There are many websites that allow you to get paid for posts on certain topics. You don’t necessarily have to hawk products: you can simply give a balanced review of a product with the requested keywords. These posts can pay anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on how comprehensive the post needs to be. Usually you can command more money depending on the audience of your blog.


4. Get Sponsorship

Many sponsors will pay to get their name on a well-trafficked site or to re-skin a site in a certain format. You can get ads directly in this fashion and you can usually charge much more than ordinary banner ad rates. As you get more popular, sponsors will contact you directly. However, you should also feel free to contact companies you think are a good fit and ask them if they might be interested.




5. Sell it All

A surprising amount of blogs simply sell out entirely. Once you have amassed a significant enough readership in a niche topic, it can be come easy to sell your blog for thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes selling the domain name alone is enough to make you a considerable amount of money. If you’ve tired of your blog, or simply feel that you don’t have the time to devote to it, this can be an excellent option.


Most blogs are worth more than sheer monetary value. If you’re like many successful bloggers, you truly care about your blog and your audience. Being passionate about what you do is extremely important, as readers can be swayed by whether or not they feel you’re sincere. A blog can be its own reward even if it doesn’t necessarily make you millions overnight.

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