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Sqeeqee Gives Birth to ‘Social Networthing’


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Francis Rey Balolong on Jul 30th 2013 in 

Social media has turned into the cornerstone to communicate between customers and businesses, from conglomerates to startups. Companies now have access to some of the remotest areas across the world, thanks to social media. Even though the expanding coverage of the Internet plays the major role in all of this, the acceptance, ease, and wide usage of social media makes business-to-customer relationships simpler and easier.

Social media has stayed generally unchanged from the side of the user, ever since it started. Nowadays, online advertising generates billions of dollars in annual revenue, but the bigger slice goes to the pockets of Google, Facebook, and numerous social media providers.

For its part, Sqeeqee provides the first considerable shift in social media, since its commencement, with a new method the social commerce company says will turn social networking into social networthing.


The Distinction

Apart from extensive use, most social networking sites provide the same services to Internet users. Personal profiles allow users to add new contacts and reconnect with acquaintances. Business profiles allow brands to build their image in public, form brand loyalty, engage with target customers, and determine and touch new markets.

The difference between Sqeeqee and the competition is what the former has to offer. It grabs the finest features from social networking, entertainment, media, and ecommerce sites across the Internet and syndicates them. A single user profile has all the tools needed to monetize online interactions. This is the reason why Sqeeqee introduced the notion of social networthing, rather than social networking. 


Sqeeqee #socialnetworthing logo. (PRNewsFoto/Sqeeqee.com)

The Highlights

Sqeeqee does not require a person or company to have distributed accounts across the Internet for various services, such as online advertising, social networking, and ecommerce. For example, Sqeeqee syndicates the finest features of Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Google AdWords.

A Sqeeqee profile unlocks the gate to several services a user formerly could find from one site at a time.

Every Sqeeqee user profile created provides users a rooted ecommerce shop to buy and sell goods and services online. This key feature offers small businesses and startups an opportunity to reduce costs of operation by saving thousands of dollars from maintenance costs of a professional website. A Sqeeqee profile allows a business to create a social networking presence, and not only expand to new markets, but also sell to those clients on the platform.

A relatively new concept in social media is crowd-funding. It means pitching a project to bigger groups of prospective investors and asking for financial support. Sqeeqee offers crowd-funding. The investors may be a person who has an interest to take part in the entire process and development of the project.

Other notable feature of Sqeeqee is a native search engine, currently pending for a patent, to allow users to explore the platform for prospects to raise and share revenue.

Sqeeqee says more revenue is transferred to users who drive the activities and growth of the website, as opposed to large online advertising companies, such as Google and Facebook.Bookmark & Share


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