Jul 30, 2013 1:00 PM

Sqeeqee: A bold approach to profit sharing


Sqeeqee’s appeal isn’t limited to the communication tools it provides social media users and their circle of friends.

With many of our Sqeeqee users, the chance to meaningfully share in the advertising profits our website generates ranks right up there with the cutting-edge social media features we provide. In fact, it may be what first draws them to Sqeeqee.


So how exactly does our profit sharing work?


As you can imagine, the formula we use in sharing profits with you has everything to do with the use you make of Sqeeqee’s “networthing” tools. The number of friends who actively join you interacting online and the opportunities thus created for sponsors to get their message out into the marketplace—are richly rewarded. Advertisers pay for eyeballs. If you are particularly good at supplying them, then we definitely want to share the resulting income with you!


Our rapidly growing advertising revenues will continue to be generated not only on the value Sqeeqee provides to your Internet experience, but also on your own creativity in making use of what we have to offer.

There are a number of ways Sqeeqee provides users with opportunities to monetize their online social networking including: a built-in e-commerce marketplace that allows users to buy and sell at minimal cost; revenues from ads you choose to appear on your profile page; exciting ways to directly profit from mobile apps or online games you develop and feature on our website; and ad revenues from the use of AdSqee, our own onsite tool that competes with Google’s AdWords.


In fact, the many income choices Sqeeqee currently offers users are only a sampling of even more to come, as we roll out new features in the coming months.


Why shouldn’t your social media time mix pleasure with income? 

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