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Our Founder’s Story…


Jenny Q. Ta doesn’t lack ambition. She was born in the midst of the Vietnam War where her father was a lieutenant colonel. After the fall of Saigon, her father was amongst the thousands of men who were captured as prisoners of war by Communist forces. They were kept as live prisoners after the war’s conclusion for the United States in 1973. Jenny was only 2 years old at the time and was raised by her single mother. A few years later, her mother chose to leave their birth country to seek freedom in the U.S. when Jenny was only 6. Jenny has oftentimes emulated the risk-taking and adventurous traits of her father and the determination and conviction of her mother.


In 2010, Jenny was invited by friends to check out the new social networking and micro-blogging craze. Being on Wall Street for nearly 20 years specializing her investment selections to predominantly technology stocks, it didn’t take long for Jenny to realize the tremendous potential for growth of a “new wave” in social media. At the same time, she immediately saw what was lacking, uninteresting, and potentially problematic for those social networking or micro-blogging platforms.


For as long as Jenny can remember, she has done most of her strategic thinking and planning strolling alone along the sands of beautiful Huntington Beach or Newport Beach. On her usual stroll early one morning, she began to connect the dots to her own questions about how to resolve those lacking, uninteresting, and problematic areas. She started drawing sketches right on the sand when ideas instantly started popping into her head. The concept that resulted was based on her own questionings of what if, why, and why not. The answers would not only have to solve existing problems, but also be disruptive. After several hours sketching on the sand, she did not have her mobile phone with her to snap a photo for safekeeping (that was the first and last time she would not be glued to her mobile phone). She ran to her car to search for paper, but found nothing but a permanent marker. So she used the next best thing—the white t-shirt she was wearing. Good thing she also had a sweatshirt on. Otherwise, it would have been quite chilly around 7 a.m. with the waves crashing in. To this day, she still has this t-shirt. It was the visionary blueprint for Sqeeqee. Two and a half years later in July 2012, Sqeeqee was officially launched in “Beta.”


Sqeeqee went through several name changes. Initially, Jenny started out with the name “Spoopad.” According to Investopedia, “Spoo” is a slang term for an S&P 500 contract that trades on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and “Pad” was simply because Jenny knew at the time that the tablet market would explode and could potentially wipe out the PC market. It wasn’t until nearly a year later when she was talking with a few good friends that she learned there was also a different meaning for the word “Spoo.” It certainly wasn’t pleasant, and when combined with “pad,” it was a really bad combination! While she still wanted to keep the word “Spoo” due to its uniqueness and the Wall Street meaning behind it, Jenny went in search of something to replace the word “pad.” At the time, she had started working on the design of the logo and “keys and locks” were meaningful. She chose the word “key,” but for the pure uniqueness of it, she spelled it “Qee.” Then “Spoopad” was changed to “Spooqee.” In October of 2011, around Halloween, close friends and buddies started to tease Jenny by pronouncing it “spooky.” It took her another six months to settle with the name “Sqeeqee” (pronounced “Squeaky”) with the two sets of keys and locks in the logo that we see today. Please check out the meaning of “Sqeeqee” in one of our blog posts here >> Blog.


One of many inevitable hardships for any entrepreneur is having the cash to turn your vision into a reality. It can be close to impossible to seek any type of capital (bank loans or angel investors) based purely upon one’s idea. Jenny was fortunate enough to have her own savings and the unconditional love and support of family and friends. Her advice to the next generation of founders is that having an innovative vision is key, but having the cash to back up that vision is just as crucial. Without cash, it doesn’t matter how great an idea one has. It will never become a reality. One’s immediate family and friends are the first sources for funding your idea. If your family and friends do not believe in your vision or have trust in lending you money, then you should go back to the old drawing board and continue with that 8 to 5 job. Live as tightly as you possibly can and save as much as you can, so that eventually you will have enough of your own money to turn your vision into a reality. More and more entrepreneurs are taking this very step. "How investing his 401k savings in whiskey made an entrepreneur millions"


As the founder of Sqeeqee and an experienced entrepreneur, Jenny is elated that the company has evolved immensely since our beta launch last July. Sqeeqee has accumulated an amazing number of users during beta testing and is now ready to engage the world in an effort to evolve typical social networking into the innovative new concept of SOCIAL NETWORTHING™.


Giving users’ access to e-commerce, social networking, crowdfunding, mobile app, and even educational features from a single account, Sqeeqee has eliminated the need to manage multiple accounts. The company’s one of a kind open network magnifies both individual and professional account capabilities, allowing members to brand and promote themselves beyond that of competitive platforms and outside any geographic constraints. Each profile retains information enabling members to target niche markets based on interests and behaviors, demographics that would be otherwise unreachable. And at a time when economic volatility continues to effect families across the globe, Sqeeqee users can monetize profiles in more than 7 ways, making Sqeeqee the most rewarding platform in the world.

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